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Autumn Scenes
Autumn, to me, is the most glorious season, and it can
surprise with a snowfall.   I was blessed to be in the
West Virginia mountains during a fairly heavy autumn
snow; in fact, it was the second heaviest recorded
October snowfall in 60 years!  Most of those photos
ended up looking much more like winter than autumn,
so some of them found their way onto my Winter
Scenes page.  The West Virginia mountains are more
colorful than might be expected that far south;  the
native sugar and red maples show reds and oranges,
while  the black and striped maples turn brilliant
yellow, as do the tulip poplars.         

Having such a variety of trees, which change color at
slightly different times,  prolongs
the season a bit, giving photographers an opportunity
to capture different scenes.   Only two of the photos in
this group were taken outside of West Virginia :  
"Essence of the Rockies" and "Aspens"  were shot in
the Canadian Rockies.

Enjoy the autumn views!
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Glory Maple
Sully Road
Yellow tree&Rock
Autumn Horse
Maple Alone
Gnarly Maple
Autumn Leaves
Lakeview Lane
Killbuck Lake
Mountain Barn
Dryfork Road
from Rich Mountain
Dolly Sods Landscape
Blackwater Road3
Autumn Shed
Spruce Knob Lake
Bonner Mtn Rd horses
Red Creek
BonnerMtnRd meadow
DryforkRd barn
FreelandRd barn
DryforkRd meadow
Blackwater Canyon
Autumn Pasture
Pendleton Falls
Killbuck Lake
Pendleton Falls
Blackwater Canyon
Blackwater Falls
Back Hollow Road